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31.12.2007 Happy new year to everyone !!! // common
22.05.2007 Unigine v0.4 demo // 3D
New demo of forthcoming Unigine v0.4. Release is unavoidable soon.
07.03.2007 RGDC (KRI) 2007 // common
I'm going to attend Russian Game Developers Conference 2007, if you would like to meet me, drop a message by e-mail.
05.12.2006 current status // about
There was a short disruption of service due to hosting company fault this week, now everything is ok.
By the way you can see some news about my current work in Unigine devlog.
31.12.2005 Happy new Year !!! // common
subj ;)
08.10.2005 Unigine demos // 3D
Unigine_v0.33 is released with two new demos.
10.08.2005 Hardware update // common
Many thanks to ATI and Matthew Tippett in person for granted RADEON X800 XL.
28.07.2005 GLSHv2.0 // 3D
New GL shell v2.0 based on bytecode compiler from Unigine, which is much faster than old one. There are 15 new demos inside the archive, 7 of them are new.
17.07.2005 Altai // common
I was at a vacation in Altai for a week. It was striking time :) Rafting, mountain bikes, bungy-jumping, 35 degrees centigrade, warm lakes and fresh mountain air. There were also trips to Teletckoe lake and Chamal hydroelectric power station. On the way home after Barnaul there was a small accident which caused smashed left mirror. Offender had vanished with full throttle from the place, as it befits drivers of black sport cars, who overtake trucks without looking at median strip.
18.05.2005 Subsurface scattering // 3D
Simple demo with subsurface scattering of light.

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