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04.05.2005 Unigine v0.3 // 3D
Unigine v0.3 release.
16.01.2005 LightMaps demo // 3D
Realtime soft shadows of 4 sources of light. Shadowing basis is old lightmaps but calculations and smoothing are made by GPU.
31.12.2004 Happy new Year !!! // common
Updated information about [url]http://frustum.org/3d/index.php?demo=53[desc]Engine_v0.3[/desc][/url] development is available.
15.12.2004 Engine_v0.3_beta // 3D
Demo reel of the Engine_v0.3_beta.
01.12.2004 the project first anniversary! // common
A year ago frustum.org project appeared in the Net continuing the frustum.tomsk.ru line. A lot of code had been written since that time...
Today frustum.org contains 51 3d-projects and some non-graphical programs.
I hope the project being alive for a long time and the author being crazy the same way as he always was %)
- -
Den aka Diesel, project webmaster
18.11.2004 Hosting // common
Hosting troubles have been solved, thanks to pdaXrom.org for the help. My mail box isn't available for a second day (thanks to hoster ;), supplementary e-mail is frustum at mail.ru.
07.11.2004 Hosting payments trouble // common
Hosting company bill me the domain prolongation and hosting payment. Right now I couldn't settle with it. If I don't find money in the immediate future, the project will be closed.
If you don't want this to happen - you can help.
07.11.2004 Current state // 3D
There were no new demos for a long time, but I didn't disappeared... New Engine_v0.3 takes away almost all of the time and right now about 80% of planned features completed.
18.10.2004 GLSHell v0.12 // 3D
A heap of new features: Interpretator has arrays of built-in types, variable scopes are processed correctly, added ARBvp1.0 programs support, added ATI_texture_float extension, added new classes: Gui, Particles, Spline.
16.10.2004 Hardware update // common
I've got GeForce 6800 GT !!! More details in 3D :)

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